Therapy, also called psychotherapy or counseling, is the process of meeting with a therapist to resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues, and/or somatic responses. Also, therapy allows you to process your feelings and thoughts in a healthy way.

Typically, therapy sessions are 50 minutes. 

For consistent therapeutic effect of treatment, I suggest staring off with weekly therapy sessions until there is felt relief, then biweekly sessions until therapy goals are met. For more severe cases, I recommend at least twice a week. 

We will work together to establish goals you would like to achieve though therapy and consistently monitor your progress so that you are able to tell if things are improving for you. 

The benefits of seeking therapy is that I am legally responsible for the confidentiality of our sessions.

There are only a few instances where I am required to break confidentiality:

  1. If you pose an immediate threat of harm to self or others
  2. Suspicion of current child or elderly abuse 
  3. Subpoena from the court system

In the event of any of these situations, you will always be informed of if or when I would need to do so. 

Please refer to the number on your insurance card to understand your mental health benefits and what your copay would be. 

If you get stuck, I can help you with this process. 

Payment will be processed the day of treatment.

I take check and credit card. I do not accept cash.

If there is financial need or crisis, we can discuss the next step together. 

Absolutely! I see couples and families. I have also worked with friend groups as well

I currently am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois. This license means I have met the requirements to provide therapy to clients and supervision to counselors seeking their LPC/LCPC license. 

I speak at forums, host mental health events, provide consultation for businesses regarding wellness, provide supervision to counselors seeking LPC or LCPC.

Please contact me if you are interested in those services

You have the right to stop treatment at any point in time. I can provide you resources to continue your search for the right fit. 

In case of an emergency, such as active suicidal ideation, please call 911 to seek immediate mental health services. 

If there is need of extra support for passing suicidal thoughts please contact 24 hour National Suicide Prevention Hotline to speak with a trained professional 1-800-273-8255